Either the Coach or Participant can share a Participant's action plan with anyone. Sharing an action plan doesn't give other people access to the Participant's Coachmetrix account. Instead, it enables the action plan to be shared by email.  

NOTE: When the action plan is shared, the Goal Statement, Behavior Statement and information inside the additional Details box will be shared. 

To share the action plan, click on the Share Action Plan button above the Participant's goals. 

The Action Plan will download to a PDF that is emailed. The download will include for each goal: the Goal Statement, Behavior Statement and information within the Details box. 

Select the person or people with whom you'd like to share the plan. Additionally, either the Coach or Participant can enter any email they choose. 

NOTE: If you are sharing the action plan with a Supporter, the Supporter will only see the goals to which they are assigned. This also applies to the Participant's manager. If the Participant's Manager is also a Supporter and not assigned to all of the Participant's goals, the Coach or Participant may want to add the Participant's Manager email address in the Additional Recipient box. 

You may utilize the default message or modify. When finished, click the green "Share Action Plan" button. The email will be sent immediately.