Coachmetrix data is available for download by Coaches. This allows Coaches to control what information is shared and with whom.

Start by selecting the Reports at the top of the Coach’s page in the black bar.

First, a Coach selects the Report and the Project. Then, click the Next button.

Available Reports:

Pulse Feedback Report - data from the Participant's action plan (goals, behaviors), the Pulse Feedback scale, Supporter assessment scores, responses and associated dates for each Pulse Feedback round.

Activity Report - summary data of the Participant's progress

Assignments Report - status of the Participant's assigned tasks

Action Plan Report - download of the Participant's goals, behaviors, and detailed plan

Events Report - details and status of all Events shared with a Participant(s).


Finally, select the Participant(s) to be included in the Report and click the "Submit" green button.


The data will download to a spreadsheet for review and easy formatting/manipulation.