Pulse Feedback is the mechanism through which Coachmetrix measures both a Participant's “self” perspective and a “Supporters” perspective of the Participant's behavior change. 

Pulse Feedback requests can be sent on demand (Immediately) or automated on a schedule (NOTE: only the Coach can send Pulse Feedback requests).

It's advised to create a Pulse Feedback strategy at the beginning of your project. Here are some different examples. 

  • Example 1: You are running a 6-month coaching engagement and you’ll use the "Automate Pulse Feedback" feature to schedule 6 rounds of pulse feedback that go out every 30 days.
  • Example 2: You want to use the pulse feedback feature to mimic the mini-survey feature in a Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology and you schedule/automate the pulse feedback at the half-way mark of your coaching engagement and toward the end of your coaching engagement. 
  • Example 3: You are running a 6-month coaching engagement and the Participant manually kicks-off the pulse feedback during times in the workplace that are relevant to the behavior change she is trying to measure. For example, if the behavior she is measuring is to “Create an open dialogue during meetings”, perhaps she kicks-off the pulse feedback request immediately after a leadership team meeting.
  • Example 4: Utilize pulse feedback during a workshop. For example, participants are grouped in 3-person groups (Triads) and rotate between multiple stations or simulations during a workshop. The Triad would add other Triad members as Supporters during the workshop and then kick-off pulse feedback after each station or simulation. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have behavior change measurement from multiple pulse feedback rounds to report back to your client. 

Pulse Feedback Settings

The settings for Pulse Feedback are established at the Project level (applicable to all of the Participants on the Project) as well as at the Participant level (specific to each individual Participant).

A Coach has the ability to customize the following settings at the Project level:

  • Number of Pulse Feedback Rounds
  • Format
  • Rating Scale
  • Anchor Values
  • Privacy Setting
  • Enable Reminder email

The following settings at applicable to each Participant:

  • Frequency between Pulse Feedback rounds
  • Start Date

For step by step instructions on how to set up Pulse Feedback, please visit these articles:

Automate Pulse Feedback (Set Up)

Immediate (On Demand) Pulse Feedback (Set Up)


Pulse Feedback request emails

When the Pulse Feedback requests are sent (either on an automated schedule or on demand), the Supporter(s) and Participant receive an email similar to the example below.

NOTE: The email is sent from Coachmetrix (noreply@coachmetrix.com).

To access the Pulse Feedback survey, the Participant and Supporter(s) click the link within the email they received. This will open a landing page with the Pulse Feedback survey.

An example of the Pulse Feedback survey is below.

Responding to A Pulse Feedback Survey Request

The Participant's name is displayed at the top as well as where this request falls within the program (number of rounds). Each of the Goals assigned are displayed with the established scale and a comments text box.

Once the Participant and Supporter(s) have completed the survey, they click the green "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.


Reviewing the Returned Data

Once a Supporter and/or Participant responds to a survey, the data is immediately populated on the platform for the Coach and Participant to review.

For more information, visit Reviewing Pulse Feedback Results.